Cosplay Festival Touhou 3

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Title: コスプレ例大祭 3
Code: AKB-031
Studio: Tma, Expotion
Actress: Maria Hanano, Riri Kuribayashi, Hitomi Fujihara, Hinata Tachibana, Mizuna Rei, Chika Arimura

Anime/Video Game Series
Touhou (東方)
Characters Cosplay
Nitori Kawashiro (河城 にとり)
Yuyuko Saigyouji (西行寺 幽々子)
Hong Meiling (紅 美鈴)
Yuuka Kazami (風見 幽香)
Sanae Kochiya (東風谷 早苗)
Suwako Moriya (洩矢 諏訪子)

Size: 2.94GB - Length: 240 mins - Type: Avi
Mega (Links)
Password is 'cosplayjav'


  1. Man, when're they gonna do one with Komachi, Yuugi, and Byakuren? Not sure if I want to download this, but it might be good for a laugh.


  2. ^ As soon as they find actresses with impossibly large breasts.

  3. They don't have to be THAT big, but it's not that there aren't any JAV girls with big-ish boobs.

    It's probably just that Komachi and Yuugi aren't nearly as popular as all those other girls, especially since they don't have frilly dresses and their faces don't have that weird Dragon Quest slime-shape. They also haven't been there since the beginning, and fanworks of the old stuff's almost always more numerous than the new. Just look at the amount of Tifa versus the amount of Lightning (and cry bitter tears).

  4. Still, another otherwise-good cosplay porn which still won't play on the PS3. :(

  5. In response to the comment about the impossibly large breasts...
    You seem to be implying that Yuyuko and Yuka are generally considered to be small breasted then, I assume? Because if anything I would've thought of them being at around the same size as Yuugi and Komachi.

  6. Could someone host a torrent of this maybe?

    It'd be quicker for me in the long run...

  7. Torrent

  8. Who plays Suwako?

  9. Suwako is played by Mizuna Rei.

    She has become popular in some of the recent TMA movies.

  10. Wait, this is CFT 3, what happened to CFT 2?

  11. CFT 2 can be found on nyaa

  12. Have a version of CFT 2 (3.6gb mp4) downloaded just after it came out. It has a bug though freezing for 10 minutes during the Remilia part. Been looking for a rework but no luck finding one yet.

    Also CFT 4 has been announced :-

  13. sorry to be greedy here.. but can anyone found any ピンキーweb? such as ピンキーweb022/024/025/032/044 (016/019~21 can be found on sukebei), it's also about Touhou jav but all in MU link... and you know the rest why I need to ask any of you where to find those....

  14. Someone mind uploading Mizuna Rei's (Suwako) part only? I didnt like the others much :\

  15. who plays on Meiling?

    1. I dunno, but I just realized that Chika Arimura is Yuyuko. I didn't DL this because Meiling and Yuyuko are the only girls in this video I'm into. Well, technically I like Sanae but that's really not the right actress for her at all. You know, I thought since they did Sanae and Suwako, they'd round it out with Kanako and have the Moriya shrine trio. Guess not.

      #7 better have Nue and/or Shou. Also Yuugi.


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