Cosplay Festival Touhou 5

Video Thumbnails DVD Cover
Title: コスプレ例大祭 5
Code: AKB-045
Studio: Tma
Actress: Haruki Sato, Satomi Nomiya, Yuria Ashina, Hikari Matsushita, Tsubomi, Kurumi Ogiwara

Anime/Video Game Series
Touhou (東方)
Characters Cosplay
Kasen Ibara (茨木 華扇)
Momiji Inubashiri (犬走 椛)
Tenshi Hinanawi (比那名居 天子)
Hina Kagiyama (鍵山 雛)
Byakuren Hijiri (聖 白蓮)
Kaguya Houraisan (蓬莱山 輝夜)

Size: 1.32GB - Length: 240 mins - Type: Mp4
Mega (Links)
Password is 'cosplayjav'


  1. They're really going down the list with these Touhou cosporns, aren't they? *crosses fingers for Komachi*

    For me, it was worth it just for Kasen and Byakuren.

  2. it cool they continue make touhou cosplay, but 1 think this 1 is the worst among all, cuz they friggin quite like a doll, moan no resisting nothing............... plz improve.

  3. Looking forward to a threesome with the Aki sisters and a foursome with the Prismrivers!

  4. wow.. you very good person!...
    excusme sir...

    pleas me [ANX-012]催眠中毒 コスプレイヤー 亜衣Z ??
    I want pink hair
    this AV has madoka magika ....
    please....T_ T...

  5. who's the girl cosplaying as Momiji?

  6. Thank you again for having it play on the PS3.

    I might as well just hook up my other computer to my LCD TV and watch movies that way.

  7. I was expecting a more erotic Byakuren and Tenshi but its ok

  8. Who is cosplaying as Tenshi?

  9. Get Ready....

    1. Has it already been released?

    2. It is not out until the 25th.

    3. Lets the wait begin... I am looking forward it.

    4. me too an upload cant come soon enough

  10. You know, I just realized something. Kasen hasn't been in any official games (she's from a manga called "Wild and Horned Hermit") and she and Reimu have never actually fought. So it's a pretty oddball thing for the company who makes these, really. It'd be like, if in #7, they had Maribel (Merryberry, wtfever), Reisen II, or Akyu. Or even had one of the guys dressed like Rinnosuke.

    I'm hoping for Letty, Parsee, and/or Yuugi at some point. I have a feeling the next one'll have at least one entry from Double-Dealing Character *crosses fingers for Raiko*. If there's anyone else from Ten Desires, I'm hoping for Mamizou. Also, needs Nue. Needs Nue SO MUCH.

  11. link is dead

  12. mediafire please thanks


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