Ikki Tsukan Soldier Girls Battle

Video Thumbnails DVD Cover
Title: 学園爆乳輪姦中出し 一騎通姦
Code: COSQ-025
Studio: Cmp
Actress: Yui Kasuga, Sayaka Amano, Ren Ayase

Anime/Video Game Series
Ikkitousen (一騎当千)
Characters Cosplay
Kanu Unchou (關羽 雲長)
Ryomou Shimei (呂蒙 子明)
Chouun Shiryuu (趙雲 子龍)

Size: 2.58GB - Length: 120 mins - Type: Wmv
Mega (Links)
Password is 'cosplayjav'


  1. thank. you are my hero

  2. This cover is awesome

  3. So...it's Kan'u when it's a girl, and Guan Yu when it's a guy? I wonder if she has a beard on the inside. You kind of have to have a beard to be Guan Yu. That's part of his schtick. And it's one of the things that's not an embellishment. His beard really was that awesome.

  4. CMP knows how to make a good quality porno if only they all looked like this.

  5. hmmm....

    does anyone know if there are any trap jav out there?
    it's not that I'm questioning my sexuality or whatnot, but I really want to see one to make sure, and just wanna try something new...

    1. actually yes, there was one with Hideyoshi

  6. OMG it would be so much fun to be that girl (i'm watching the first scene right now) I wanna get cosplay-(fake XD)-"raped" like that too, and I'm a girl~ :3

    Would be so funny and feel so fucking good to be done like that www

    1. You forget sometimes that 40% of people who browse porn are girls. I too have a fake "rape" fetish and Japan loves to make videos like that.

    2. Ah, you a girl too? D:

  7. where COSQ-007 & COSQ-010 ???

  8. These "bad end" videos are what I like

  9. hola amigo te tengo una pregunta cuando lo descargo donde lo puedo ver osea lo e descargado todo completo pero el problema a sido llevermelo en usb no me lo a querido reproducir en otra computadora saves como acer para que el video este en mp4 estaria muy agradecido si me respondieras a mi pregunta


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