Boku no Kazu Sukunai Tomodachi

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Title: 僕の数少ない友達
Code: AKB-033
Studio: Tma, Expotion
Actress: Konatsu Aozora, Mizuna Rei

Anime/Video Game Series
Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai (僕は友達が少ない)
Characters Cosplay
Yozora Mikazuki (三日月 夜空)
Sena Kashiwazaki (柏崎 星奈)

Size: 1.84 GB - Length: 120 mins - Type: Mp4
Mega (Links)
Password is 'cosplayjav'


  1. Thanks again for the PS3-able video.

    But it feels incomplete without the "slutty scientist" and that "tomboy maid."

    I hate when Japan's cosplay porn forgets the rest of dem hot asses.

  2. Rika is already a huge slut so Japan doesn't like porn of her or something, Yukimura being a reverse trap you'd think would get her more attention but sadly nope.

    Though at least they even have Yozora! you'd think having more then one character wouldn't be a big deal but with all the huge focus that Meat gets you'd be surprised at how often everyone forgets there's more then just her

  3. It really didn't look like it had the production values Layers;Gate or Hinichijou had with the lack of even a parody opening. In the Nichijou one they even recreated Hyadain's music video in addition to doing the OP.

    I would have expected Rika and a gender swapped Yukimura to in there as well. Yozora did look great though and it has some lesbian kissing with Sena.

  4. Can't genderswap what's already a chick! unless you wanted some yaoi action or something

  5. ^ My blame goes to the fanbase who basically refuse to be honest to those outside said fanbase; making what might be a lie and turning it into DA TROOF.

  6. Updated with video without the watermark.

  7. You know I swear the guys in these things get uglier and uglier each time. Not that I expect Bishounen dudes in a cos porn film, but it can be difficult to look at the screen at times when the guys just scream GONK

  8. ^ I agree. Considering the "exceptions to the rule," I wonder if women really do enjoy having sex with hideously ugly men.

    Or are they just doing it for the money?

  9. PSN id: Ryumoau11 July 2012 at 19:12

    ^ i agree. i really wish they would get younger guys for these videos. Being bisexual myself, its really distracting when i see an unattractive older guy doing a hot girl. :(

  10. I want to be like goro when I grow up

  11. genial ! muchas gracias por el aporte !! :3


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