Sonikosu Moeka Nomura

Video Thumbnails DVD Cover
Title: ソニコス 野村萌香
Code: COSQ-010
Studio: Cmp
Actress: Moeka Nomura

Anime/Video Game Series
Nitroplus (ニトロプラス)
Characters Cosplay
Super Sonico (すーぱーそに子)

Size: 1.65GB - Length: 120 mins - Type: Mp4
Mega (Links)
Password is 'cosplayjav'


  1. THANKS !!! Finally COSQ-010
    waiting for COSQ-007

    1. Yeah, you and me both. Waiting for COSQ-007, I mean.

      I would've had this whole thing by now if my connection to didn't hiccup and drop the download after only 81mb. So I can't comment on it yet. Still, I can't say I really like Super Sonico porn at all, but I'm not using the computer right now for anything else and I might end up liking it anyway.

  2. All COSQ vids are amazing, good costumes, cute girls, erotic sex.

    I just really hope to see COSQ-007 here because I know it has Cecilia in it, and ever since i saw the show (and read a few doujins about vanilla sex with Cecilia) she has been one of my favourite anime girls ever (and I've been dying to see a cosplay vid of her).

  3. I'm sure he's saving the best for last

  4. Don't stop your upload Master!!

    upload please

  6. this is quite good :)

    1. Thanks, man. I saw it on a filedump on another site, but torrents are far, FAR easier to deal with.

    2. you're welcome, here's another good torrent :)

    3. If I had a drink I'd spit it out all over the monitor. MORE cosporn with Chika Arimura? FUCK YES. I blame the Sakuya cosporn (cosk-003) for making me like her.

      Now, if only Minami Ayase would do more cosporn. If they made another Dynasty Warriors one (they should, with the new girls from 7 and 8), she should be in it as Lian Shi (since she's an RL Leggy McBoobsalot).

      PS: a hero is you

  7. COSQ 007 Please Thank You Very Much.

  8. please upload this

  9. WooOW! incredible!!ThankSVerY muCh XD


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